I had a crayon in my hand from the start and nothing much has changed. Always a very curious person, my work reflects this. There are not enough hours in life to learn and make all the things I want to do but I will give it my best shot. I persuaded my college tutors to put me forward for my fine art BA before I’d half completed my studies and was accepted at Central when I was sixteen. Elated and an absolute bag of nerves, I crashed and burned and decided I needed a more academic approach and a smidgen of street smarts to mature. I raced through some A levels in a year (still in an awful hurry) and thanks to some awesome tutors, did very well and sat for Oxbridge. With no maths whatsoever, I was politely turned down after my interview. So I went to York for my BA and sulked for a term like an idiot until I realised how blessed I was. I graduated well and more importantly, made the most amazing friends and grew up a little. They are still amazing individuals and I am still trying to be an artist.

I have exhibited widely since 2000 and was fortunate to be a member of Great Western Studios, Notting Hill, London for over a decade.

Currently living in Brighton, raising my son, making art and appreciating beach life

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